Time for radon measurement

Have you received notification of radon measurement in your apartment? Here we provide answers to the most common questions and more information about why and how the measurement is carried out.

Villaägarens radonguide

What is radon and radon measurement?

Radon is a radioactive gas that can eventually cause lung cancer. The gas can come from the ground under the house or from the building material and is found all over Sweden. To measure the concentrations of radon gas we place film trays (plastic boxes with a trace film in). In the measuring boxes there is a trace film that records the number of disintegrations in the air, which are then analyzed at a laboratory.

Why is the apartment measured?

All property owners of apartment buildings are legally obliged to measure radon. We have been commissioned to carry out the survey in the property.

Does my apartment need to be measured?

Yes – the selection of the apartment is made to meet the requirements set by the authorities. It is therefore very important that we get access to all apartments.

Villaägarens radonguide

How is the measurement carried out?

We will notify all apartments to be measured. On the day of deployment, we need access, either via a master key, a key that is placed by you in the locker or via a service key. We always call / knock on the door before entering the apartment.

Two measuring boxes are placed out. One is put in the bedroom and one in the living room. Is it a one room apartment we place the measuring boxes in the bedroom / living room and kitchen.

The measuring boxes should then be in place for about two to three months before we announce the date we pick them up. When collecting, it is usually possible to hang the measuring boxes on the door if you can’t be home, then we do not have to go into the apartment again.


Do you have pets that are home alone, we want to know about it. If it is not appropriate for us to enter the apartment, we want you to contact us to determine how the placement can go – we can in some cases leave the measuring boxes on the door handle so that you place them on your own.

Home alarm

Do not forget to turn off any alarms if you are not at home, if the door has multiple locks make sure you only lock the one we can unlock.

Villaägarens radonguide

Help – I forgot the date

No worries. You get a new notification and we make another visit. Please contact us if you have any wishes and we’ll find a solution.

Collection of measuring boxes

Once we have placed the measuring boxes, you do not have to think about them. You can live as usual. We will announce when it is time for collection. This occurs after 2-3 months of measurement time.

Do I get answers about the radon levels, and what happens if the levels are elevated?

The measurement reports go to the property owner / client. If radon levels are increased in the property, the property owner is obliged to take measures to reduce the concentrations, which is usually done through ventilation measures.